2022 Endorsing Conventions for Meeker County

January 20th, 2020

As a result of the 2022 redistricting process, Meeker County is now part of three different legislative districts. Please visit the EVENTS page for convention calls and other endorsing events.

SD16 - This includes residents of Action Township, Cedar Mills, Cedar Mills Township, Cosmos, Cosmos Township, Danielson Township, Eden Valley, Forest Prairie Township, Greenleaf Township, Grove City, Harvey Township, Litchfield (all), Litchfield Township, Manannah Township, Swede Grove Township, Union Grove Township, and Watkins. Here is the link to the Convention Call.

SD17 - This includes residents of Collinwood Township, Darwin, Darwin Township, Dassel, Dassel Township, Ellsworth Township, and Forest City Township.  Here are links to your convention documents.
 - SD17 Convention Call
 - SD17 Proposed Convention Rules
 - SD17 Proposed Constitution

SD29 - This includes Kingston and Kingston Township. The endorsing convention was held on Monday, February 28, 2022. The endorsed candidates are Rep. Joe McDonald and Sen. Bruce Anderson.